Management Team

Kevin C. Connell


Kevin C. Connell joined Point & Pay from Tier Technologies. As Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, he was responsible for the company's revenue growth, business development programs, sales force and marketing efforts at the company’s direct biller subsidiary Official Payments Corporation, as well as their business process outsourcing, software integration and IV&V operations. Before Official Payments, Mr. Connell held senior-level sales, marketing and business development positions at Discover Financial Services, where he ran the company's government group and launched their New York City travel and entertainment division.

Frank Pollock

Vice President, Products & Services

Frank Pollock leads Point & Pay’s Products & Services Development groups. Previously, he was Product Manager of the BillPointe program at Fidelity National Information Services, where he managed mid-tier biller direct opportunities. Mr. Pollock’s previous experience includes management positions in product and business development at Official Payments Corporation.

Martha Greer, MPM, PMP

Vice President, Operations

Martha Greer oversees Operations and Account Management for Point & Pay, including all implementation services. Ms. Greer joined Point & Pay from FIS, a technology provider to the banking industry, where she served in management within their bill payment groups. Prior to FIS, Ms. Greer worked at finance and technology companies including Motivano and Gas Natural.

Ryan Pieszak

Director of Technology Services

Ryan Pieszak leads Point & Pay's technical group, where he is responsible for product architecture and implementation. Before Point & Pay, Mr. Pieszak developed a combination of technical knowledge and business experience as Director of Technology at energy software provider Ziphany.

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