For Government

Point & Pay offers a full suite of government products and payment services that are tailored for the unique needs of public organizations. Our government solutions will save you time and deliver a better experience for your customers.

For Courts, Clerks and Law Enforcement

Point & Pay's suite of court payment solutions include strategies for improving how courts collect their obligations, receive filings from lawyers, and manage the flow of data to and from everyone involved

For Utilities

Point & Pay's suite of utility payment solutions includes everything needed to register customers, collect recurring payments, and ultimately move away from paper bills to electronic delivery.

For Education

Point & Pay's suite of education solutions cover everything from tuition, room and board, meals, donations, and more, while serving as both your payment gateway and processor. Streamline your operation by consolidating these services while integrating all of your payments directly to your ERP.

For Healthcare

Point & Pay's healthcare solutions simplify the administrative side of medical practices while treating confidential information with the same delicacy and rigor that our clients use in treating patients.

For Insurance

Provide your policy holders with an expansive set of features and services to make their customer experience fast, efficient, and informative.

For Rental Properties

Use Point & Pay's Rental Property solution to automate all aspects rental billings, including paper and electronic billing, online account management, splitting bills for rental shares, recurring payments, and remittance processing.

For Software Companies

Point & Pay seeks opportunities to partner with software companies to deliver integrated payment solutions for their clients and customers.


For Other Unique Payment Needs

Consult with a Point & pay solutions specialist today to design a packages of products and services customized to the needs of your organization.

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